Your house as a companion, helping you to live healthy, relax and be productive. We are reinventing the smart home into an intuitive living experience.

Live healthy, save time, gain quality.
Elevate your lifestyle with design and technology.

Making your house serve you lifestyle.
We are developing the future of living,
with the ambition to become part of every home.


DURVYN is a lifestyle focused real estate company. We imagine what the spaces we live in can do for us, by further integrating design and technology.

The future of living as we see it, is a house that comes to life through technology. Theater sound in your living room, filtered air on the house scale or biometrics to regulate your comfort, are just a few examples. With these tools in place, we want to create a house that senses you, listens to you and interacts as one entity. We named it the intuitive home. At the core of the intuitive home, we envision an operating system that can orchestrate every aspect of your wellbeing.

Our ultimate goal is to make your home into a domestic companion, serving you lifestyle. As your personal butler, your home will offer an array of experiences right at your fingertips. From healthcare, cleaning services, gaming to dining experiences, to name just a few.

Find out what we are offering today on the customers page. To discover our plans for the future, visit the investors page. If you are interested in collaboration, get in touch.

The intuitive home