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It’s 2020, we’re surrounded by technology, yet not living the full experience. DURVYN wants to weave technology into our physical spaces. We are a lifestyle focused real estate company, creating the next generation product: the intuitive home. We reimagine what the spaces we spend our time in can do for us,  we hope to reinvent the smart home into an intuitive living experience.

Integrating technology into the architecture of the house: building-in sensors, eliminating intermediary devices, making lighting, climate and air customizable at any point in a room. Not only will we dramatically decrease technological waste, we hand you back the time you lost before with setting it up and dealing with problems. We go from low-end control on a device level to high-end performance on the building scale. Theater sound in your living room, responsive lighting, purified air on the house scale and biometrics to regulate your comfort, are just a few examples. With the tools in place to maximize your comfort at any time of the day or night, we create a house that senses you, listens to you and interacts as one entity.

At the core of this entity, we are designing an operating system to orchestrate every aspect of your wellbeing. Your home becomes a 21st century lifestyle platform, able to interact through any channel to make you feel at ease. As a true AI-butler, it will offer a trillion experiences at your fingertips. From healthcare at home, cleaning services, gaming to dining experiences: where delivery companies currently stop at your doorstep, we open the doors to a whole new economy centered around lifestyle.

Seeing houses as high-tech products, we combine design, construction and services in one company. This way we keep end-to-end control to deliver a continuously great user experience. We build physical prototypes, test them with users before going to market and offer high-end maintenance and upgrading services.

How we aim to improve your life

Our goal is to streamline your living experience, bringing back the minutes, hours and days you would normally miss. We are designing a house that works for you, cares about you and serves you new content. DURVYN intuitive living helps you get closer to the things that matter by offering the best experiences right at home.

A home that cares for you5/5
Live liberated from daily stress while staying connected. We want your home to be intuitive, tailored to you, with the unique ability of seeing correlations between your sleep quality, food intake, movement and so on. Your house connects the dots, helping you make your decisions and live a healthier, happier life.
Conscious operating system 5/5
Instead of having to open ten different apps, use silly voice commands or you just bluntly working for it, your home will be servicing you. We are designing our OS to be a social entity that really understands you, a lifelike companion that is omnipresent but not intrusive.
Data & Privacy1/5
Our business is in your wellbeing, not in your data. Our OS will conduct its own audits, use top tier servers and encryption for outgoing connections. A closed system that operates on a local network, using the highest precautions to prevent any intrusion and giving nobody but yourself access to collected data.
21st century content 4/5
Our OS turns your home into a tailored experience: we see houses as platforms, what’s in them as content. We maintain the platform, build the infrastructure and charge it with a base layer of great content. We raise the bar of how you could live your life, others can tap in to offer you a whole range of experiences at home.

Redefining Investment

We welcome investors as well as companies. As a company, we can work with you to investigate the future of your core business, or to broaden your field of activity, explore new industries and test new ideas. Our strategy is not to give just advice, but to effectively lead a project that can shape your company’s future.

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