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Future Vision

Since we founded DURVYN, we evolved from an initial idea to innovate others in real estate to developing an alternative to today's underperforming smart homes. We believe it is time to deliver a better product, better service, better tech integration, to really upgrade our lifestyles. We find purpose in new ways of making value and shifting economies toward sustainable 21st century ones. Just like the iPhone delivered the world wide web into our hands, we’re about to open the home as a platform to offer an unseen range of unique experiences.

Our company sees achievable steps to get to these improvements and with the help of the right partners, we’ll be offering houses to the LA & SF markets in the next five years. Because of the nature of our company, we’ll also be rolling out smaller elements to a wider audience. We want to stay ahead and offer prime quality experience no matter what product you have from us.

As we progress, we’ll keep learning, growing and dreaming that one day, every house will have an aspect of DURVYN. And beyond earth, we’re the ones that you want to build your vacation home on Mars.

Our concepts on the other aspects in life

Conscious Companion2/5
Who gets along with humans better than pets? They are a resident’s natural friend and the perfect ally to develop AI in a domestic setting. Your robotic pet knows you, serves you, talks to you and teaches you new stuff. A true companion, inexhaustible and one with your intuitive home.
Future Retail2/5
Nobody is waiting for the next shopping mall. The retail environment of the future has no boundaries, storefronts or cashiers. A shopping experience confluent with public space, combining the convenience of online shopping with the sensory temptation of a physical store.
Soda Culture3/5
Observing the current beverage offerings and user behavior, we are reimagining our ‘Soda Culture’. Offering the flexibility and availability of the current widely adopted drinks, we aim to turn the product into a truly tastier, healthier and better option.
Digital Experience Gallery4/5
Exclusive art, customized. Building a platform that respects the artist’s vision offers the customer the easy buying options we are so accustomed to and brings it all to life with an intuitive website, reimagined physical galleries and pristine production quality.
Next Generation Events5/5
Venues using new technology in outdated spaces offer only ‘half experiences’. Integrating technology and architecture, we aim to create a total experience. Combining the best in sound quality, climate control, lighting, visual and holographic effects to bring the collective experience to new heights.

We believe that despite technological innovation, something is missing, no longer will standalone hardware do the job to make our lives tangibly better. The key to a more profound purpose in life, to happiness and productivity, will come from companies that focus on solving big problems with integrated solutions. We expect our future employees to bring the best they can and to have an open attitude towards learning. Reality is only what we collectively make of it, this is our chance to make a difference.

  • Elegance over gimmick
  • We set the pace and aim for big improvements
  • Freedom is key, it liberates the mind
  • Excellence is rewarded
  • Experiencing life at its fullest starts at DURVYN
  • Focus, balance and zen, it’s a journey together
  • We love what we do and hope to share that joy in all our endeavors

Company Culture

Mission Statement

Can you see how most startup companies nowadays look as if they’ve been created by an algorithm? We are driven to create real value by building a company that makes great products, not just improving small aspects of the existing with another app or middleman service. As a true tech company, one of a kind, we combine the power of technology with visionary ideas to make life a prosperous industry.

We like to compare the way we operate with the journey of the traveling artist in the Italian Renaissance, exploring the world to discover new ideas. Today, this means visiting innovation labs and pioneering companies. Building research on first hand experiences, we want to study how technologies can work together, build prototypes and test them with users. Then present refreshing new concepts, for existing businesses or completely new industries.

The world needs a paradigm shifter to lead by example. Our focus is in the now. Let’s awake the industry and raise the bar for everyone.

About Us

We created DURVYN to offer a different take on real estate concepts. Our drive is to grow and turn our concepts into autonomous, self-sustaining businesses. We embrace the reality of today, where being present matters more than having all the money in the world. Time as the currency of the future.

‘’Who we are” is merely a question who we were when this was written down, the question should be who do we want to be? In what kind of world do we want to live? We believe that most of the things that surround us today are in dire need of innovation: not just in words, through an app or a platform, but by radical improvement. We want a future where we can make those improvements while excellence is being rewarded and new solutions are found, rather than having endless discussions.

The years ahead will be crucial to radically improve the quality of our lives. Rather than just thinking differently, these times ask of us to also act differently. We’re a company you trust, when you, like us, believe that change comes from those who dare to go where others haven’t been before.


Aristo Vopĕnka

- CEO, development, strategy and implementation

- artist-thinker with a vision to deliver seamless technological experience into homes

- shaping ideas from the future by paying attention to what others don’t notice

- contemporary thinker and inventor, science-driven

- value focused, lifestyle oriented & zen by meditation

Wim François

- COO, elemental design, execution and quality control

- architect-researcher specialized in high-end design

- led projects from $3M to $100M, private residences to city blocks

- naturally driven by quality and efficiency, God is in the detail

We started DURVYN not only from an ambition to make better houses, but because we believe that the home is a sacred place for the individual. Having experienced firsthand how an unstable home can impact one's thinking and productivity, and seeing that the living quality isn’t really innovating the way it should, calls us to action.

Our drive is to improve our living quality exponentially. We see a way to create tremendous value by integrating technology: with our infrastructure home automation can really take off. The dream of developing DURVYN robotics to liberate humans from mundane tasks, pushes us even further.