Making your house serve your lifestyle.
We are developing the future of living,
with the ambition to become part of every home.

Houses as high-tech products with high-end services. Mass-manufactured and custom-tailored. An AI-powered operating system making your home into a butler, offering lifestyle. This is a glimpse of how we see the future.

It is time to upgrade our living standards and catch up with 21st century lifestyles. Making houses ‘smart’ is a first step, but our ambition extends a lot further. We believe the key to connect with the customer is in elevating the living experience.  

Looking at health for example, your home has a unique position to combine knowledge on air quality, ergonomics, hygiene, food intake, stool analysis, sleep monitoring and more, which it can use to improve your wellbeing. For this to work, we need something that makes all these different elements work together, something that can orchestrate technologies, rooms, services, events. We envision this to be an AI-driven operating system, working name houseOS. With houseOS we want your home to become a companion that cares for you and serves you, night and day.

Ultimately, houseOS will turn your home into a lifestyle platform. From healthcare at home, cleaning services, gaming to dining experiences: where delivery companies currently stop at your doorstep, we open the doors to an economy centered around lifestyle. We build the platform, provide it with a base layer of great content and welcome others to integrate their products and services. Like an App Store for the physical world, our ambition is to activate new businesses offering content for your home.

Seeing houses as high-tech products, our mission as a company is to eventually design, manufacture and service houses. The industry currently lacks vision: our research shows how most real estate developers are tech illiterate, even failing to adopt off-the-rack technologies, while big tech companies aren’t capable of thinking beyond the device scale. As a result, the few smart homes that hit the market are one-off experiments or buildings with many teething problems.

We aim to tackle this by integrating design, development and construction in one company, and by including high-end maintenance and upgrading services. This way we can guarantee a continuously great user experience. DURVYN is the first company in real estate to set UX standards and test designs by building physical prototypes before going to market.

Our initial focus is on serving the luxury market, which currently only has a choice of underwhelming home automation, no real design integration.  

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