Letters to the future | Nº 1

Letters to the future
March 31, 2020

When reading this letter 6 months later, I feel that my frustration has turned into something different, perhaps indifference, maybe more sad to see “reality”. I see that with progressive insight things might have sounded better in a more positive light, but I think that lesson has been thought to me in the past months.  Being in a continent that has no agenda for optimistic entrepreneurship nor positivity on big new ideas, staying optimistic is difficult but nessecary.

Having ideas, wanting to put in the work, but still being met with so much skepticism isn't the best motivator. I think this letter shows some of that frustration, but also leaves room to see the good in our intentions. We have the willingness to learn and mostly to drive to become a company that keeps its heart at the right place and offers solutions to big problems.

Letters to the future, I hope you receive them well.

September 13th 2019
There is no more excuse not to learn from our predecessors. I honestly don’t know anymore. Logic seemed to be the thing that unites us, but it doesn’t. For some strange reason, we’ve lost or forgotten what it means to have dreams, ambitions, to find common ground and benefit from each other’s potential.

When I look outside, I have this strange sensation, as if I can feel the past, present and future all at once. It looks like it all comes down to a simple yes or no question: do we really want to innovate and go forward?

People in power lost control and are too afraid to admit, that with investing into the future comes responsibility. Instead of making the way to tangible results harder, we should be focusing on clearing the roads for those who want to create value. It seems that the discussion is more important than doing the steps that could actually make our lives better, thereby also destroying the progress achieved by our predecessors. We should realize that the more quality you invest into society, the more value it returns. Why do we create wealth and then put it in a trophy cabinet to witness the momentum of valuable events dissolve?

Why if I feel, if I see, if I think and question, don’t I get the opportunity to pursue my vision? A vision that would benefit those who see the same. I’m determined to make you see what I see, I want you to look with your full attention and allow the possibility that your successor might come from a different place. I know that the days ahead will be tough, but with genuine will and vision, with your trust, we can overcome the finite spiral of negativity that we’re in.

In the coming days/weeks/months/years, I’ll keep going, because if I can see it, I know you will as well. It’s a thing that surpasses politics or color: it’s the drive of a nation and our will to create value.