Science's grand departure

Research Updates
November 19, 2019

Science's grand departure

We’re in a scientific impasse, a mexican stand-off you may say, in which everyone assumes someone else will solve the problems at hand. We’re at the very beginning of what we might call the end game, in which not Thanos will struck down, but our own disbelief of our potential power.

In the past 2 years I’ve  studied and researched a new form of science, which aims to find additional tools for scientific understanding of what we call reality. As if the microscope had to be recalibrated for the next frontier, but everyone was too busy trying to fit everything inside the same scope and depth. I think it's time to focus on the depth facing outwards, therefor we need something new: the macroscope. A way to comprehend the scope of it all together, like a recipe, trying to understand the balance between all elements. In order to make this happen digitally, we have to do more research on how to do it ourselves, since we are the blueprint, the microscope originates from within us

Socitiety has agreed on that greatness can come from places we don’t expect it to come from, yet we only accept it when it has been credited for by a trusted party. It almost makes you think that greatness really only appears like a blip in the now, as if the science of now is also either accepted or abandoned.

When you look around these days, it looks to me that words have lost their power. We can call anything what we like, to whatever we like, we can use all sorts of media to bamboozle everyone. As if the end game has started and no one seems to care that the people at the steering wheel are out of touch with reality. I also see hopeful progress, but amidst the darkness crying in the wilderness. Do we not understand that a transition is needed to a more free state of being to create value, we humans as developers of a new reality, discovering new sciences that go beyond what the standard currently dictates.

For us to understand the future, or whatever form or part we bring into reality, we need to understand the shape of the spectrum from within which we try to derive data. Because we’re very close to stopping innovation and technological advancement altogether, yet nobody can see that we’re digging in the same spot for a while now. Although some try to bring -old futuristic ideas- back to current times, fishing in the past for the future isn't innovtation. instead of respecting the past and bring together that what works and envision something new from it or even better.

We’re at an impasse of discussion, we’ve lost our human self as a tool to understand the world, how do you teach the next generation humans or even Ai. Consciousness has not yet been interpreted within a scientific form, by doing so, it will allow for the acceleration of other sciences. So in other words, the mother of all sciences, the center of our being and how that influences intelligence and productivity. The polymath method is as a foundation to the new frontier of the sciences I’m trying to unravel and utilize, to push humanity forward towards more prosperity.