The one page vision

January 1, 2020

“ In even years from now, I want to walk down the street with my conscious robotic dog teaching me something new, to come home to a house offering a trillion experiences at my fingertips. ” — Los Angeles, January 2020.

Says Aristo Vopěnka, CEO of DURVYN, the company that is dedicated to integrating high-tech into our lives. An artist - scientist, Vopěnka has a lifelong experience in technology. He co-founded the company in 2018 with Wim François, architect and researcher who has led projects from $3M private residences to $100M city blocks.

Life is lacking a visionary. With the rise of AI and immortality on the horizon, we need someone with the vision to integrate AI into our daily lives. A company that does not just apply machine intelligence, but helps shaping it by creating the next generation of consumer products. DURVYN is that company. We aim to remove the boundaries between humans and AI through new technologies and products, like a conscious robotic dog and the intuitive home. Our ambition is to become the go to company for anything tech + life related. ”

The home as an entity, brought to life with technology.

While the majority of PropTech companies today are app developers, DURVYN transforms the real estate industry by reinventing its core product. DURVYN revises the core functions of the house to accomodate 21st century lifestyles in food, healthcare, e-commerce, sports and entertainment.

After we’ve made phones smart and cars autonomous, it’s time to make our homes high-tech intuitive. With the intuitive home, we create the domestic setting in which we can train AI to make living the way we envision it: a seamless experience. Think of responsive lighting, purified air on the house scale, biometrics to regulate comfort, all integrated, automated and interacting with the resident. ”


To have the home operate as an entity instead of a collection of products, DURVYN is developing an AI-powered houseOS that will monitor and coordinate every aspect of the residents’ well-being. This holistic approach, integrating architecture and technology from a focus on the user experience, is new to the industry.

If comparing houses to phones, we are still living in old Nokias, waiting for someone to develop the iPhone. Naturally slow in adopting innovation, the industry lacks vision. Our research shows how real estate developers are tech illiterate, failing to adopt even off-the-rack technologies, while the big tech companies are incapable of thinking beyond the device scale. As a result, the few smart homes that hit the market are one-off experiments with many teething problems. ”

Productizing real estate.

DURVYN tackles this by integrating design, development and con-struction in one company, and including high-end maintenance and upgrading services, new to real estate. The ambition is nothing less than a continuously great user experience. Making buildings as high-end products, DURVYN is the first company in real estate to set UX standards, have end to end control, develop and test technology by building physical prototypes before going to market.

The intuitive home will be a flywheel for many technologies, from AI, robotics, advanced manufacturing to IoT, AR and MedTech. With a truly overarching product we offer the market translation that many of these technologies need to get to the next stage. We are eager to work together with the best companies in every field, while developing our own in-house technology. ”

21st century marketplace.

And that is just the beginning of a whole new economy created around the home. houseOS will transform the home into a platform for business.

Buildings become platforms, what’s in them becomes content. As creators, we own the platform, build the infrastructure and charge it with a base layer of great content. Others can tap in with products and services if met with our standards. From cleaning services, healthcare, gaming to dining experiences, all sorts of content. See it as an App Store, but in the physical world. ”

It fits in the greater mission of the company to upgrade city life, creating new business models.

We have worked for two years on the fundamentals of our company. Now we are reaching out to investors, ready to enter the next phase. The company has a legal entity in Europe, but we are putting everything in place to set up shop in the US. As next steps, we plan to recruit, build first prototypes and gather experience data by testing our ideas in the city. ”